Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dandy Stars

Stars who are currently in the Dandy Xtreme as of February 2010:
Comic stripTime in comicArtistNotes
Agent Dog 2-Zero2004–2005, 2006, 2007–presentWayne Thompson
The Banana Bunch1956-1993, 2004, 2010–pNigel ParkinsonOriginally in The Beezer until 1990, when the comic merged | with The Topper and relaunched as Beezer and Topper until the comic folded in 1993.
Bananaman1980–presentC. McGhie/John Geering(reprints)Originally in Nutty until 1985; also in BEEB comic
Beryl the Peril1953-2005, 2007, 2010-pRobert NixonBeryl the Peril originally from The Topper. Moved to Dandy in 1993.
The Bogies2009–presentNigel AuchterlounieSold to the Dandy Xtreme. Very popular comic strip.
Cuddles and Dimples1986–presentNigel ParkinsonCuddles originally in Nutty (1981–1985), transferred to Hoot! (1985–1986), teamed up with Dimples following Dandy merger. Dimples strip in The Dandy 1984–1986.
Desperate Dan1937–presentJamie Smart
Jak and Todd1997–1999, 2000–2003, 2004–presentWayne ThompsonOriginally drawn by Jimmy Hansen; every time the strip re-appears the storylines change and a new artist is commissioned to draw it.
Korky the Cat and the Kits1937–2004, 2005, 2007, 2010-pRobert NixonAppeared on front cover of first Dandy.
Marvo the Wonder Chicken1996–1998, 2008-pNigel ParkinsonReturned in August 2008. Originally drawn by Jimmy Hansen.
Spooky Skaters2009–2010UnknownSold to The Dandy, the comic strip has now ended.
Hyde & Shriek1992–1993, 2008-pNick BrennanPreviously drawn by Tom Paterson.
Doctor Loo2008-pDuncan ScottPlay on BBC drama Doctor Who.


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